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Reef Heron by Sharyn Smart
Little Blue Penguins 30-08-15 Port
Little Blue Penguins by Sharyn Smart







Project Hotspot calls Taranaki its home

All over its ocean and beaches citizens roam.

They report sightings of threatened species in their back yard

Catching little blue penguin, NZ fur seal, reef heron, and orca off guard.


Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society is the driver

Funding from the Curious Minds Initiative makes them the advisor.

The project hotspot team is full of citizens in alliance

Like-minded Taranaki people coming together for science.


Project Hotspot is based in local schools,

It teaches the children how to respect earth’s jewels.

Taranaki community groups and citizens help out

Many hands make light work – there’s no doubt.


To protect many species and their homes is the goal

They collect local sightings when they return from a stroll.

Information is mapped to show where each species call home

It helps to keep their environment healthy so they can roam.


Project Hotspot has other species in their view

There is White heron, Caspian tern, Royal Spoonbill to name a few.

These are threatened and urgently need our support

They will soon get their own special report.


Scientists and community groups work hard to assist

Making sure no opportunities are missed.

Naturewatch NZ is where the sightings are based

Here you can add photos and notes to be traced.


Project Hotspot shares information with pride

People are using it for projects far and wide.

This information wouldn’t exist without community support

So after your walk go to the website and report.


© Smart Writing 2016 – Sharyn Smart

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