South Island On Wheels

Join the Smart family from New Plymouth as they take a trip of a life time to the South Island.

After three years of planning and budgeting we were pulling out of the drive-way on our micro South Island holiday.  I was quite nervous, as all I had been allowed to book, was the ferry and it was the September school holidays.

We camped at relatives in Waikanae, Wellington.  Overnight I was worse than the children.  I was sooooo excited.  Our holiday was about to begin.  Our children, Kate 12½ and Alex 9½ had never been on the ferry.  Both were a little nervous of the unknown.  Many horror stories had been told about rough crossings and we were all hoping for smooth seas.  Lucky for us, that’s what we got.

The trip across the strait involved games of noughts and crosses, connect the dots, the gaming room, hot chips and numerous walks around the ship.  We got off the ferry at Picton and drove to Blenheim.  It was hard to believe we were in the South Island!  We arrived in Blenheim exhausted and grateful to finally stop travelling.  We ate tea and fell into bed and slept!.

I had loosely drawn up an itinerary.  After a day spent with friends, we went to Kaikoura.  The highlight of our trip was Wings over Whales.  Yes you read right – an aeroplane ride.  Our children had never been on a plane and nerves crept in.

We spent the night in a beautiful Top 10 Holiday Park.  We had what is termed a Motel Unit and were very impressed.  We treated ourselves to a spa.  Alex loved the fact we had full Sky television (something we don’t have at home!)

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