Peyton Heart Project – raising awareness for suicide, bullying and other mental health issues

Emily. Julia and Jill Kubin

With World Suicide Prevention Day September 10, 2015 Sharyn Smart talks with the Kubin family about their efforts to save vulnerable lives.

The Kubin household in Morristown, New Jersey, USA is bursting full of generosity, caring for others and a huge hive of industry.

Three years ago Emily created Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative.  At 17 years old she wanted to help the homeless and started making hats, scarves and afghans.  Her first donation was a total of eight hats.  After only three and a half years she has now donated over 18,000 hats around the world and also has over 40 global spinoffs of her original initiative.

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Out of the darkness

As part of my correspondence course I had to submit articles to various publications.

I was SO excited when the Next said YES! This article was printed in August 2005.

We had the very creative Pip Guthrie come and do a photo shoot with us at the beach on a very cold windy Taranaki day!

It was just such an awesome experience!

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